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Aptera Recognized for Innovation

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 at 3:48 PM

Posted by Adam Borelli, Investments Team

Popular Mechanics recognized Aptera Motors’ innovation with its Breakthrough Innovators Award. Aptera has optimized the aerodynamics of Typ-1e and Typ-1h and lightweighted the vehicles by using lightweight composite-fiber. This vehicle is so aerodynamic that its drag is less than that of the sideview mirrors of a pickup truck. All of this allows Aptera’s Typ-le and Typ-1h to realize fantastic miles per gallon equivalent and miles per gallon, respectively. According to Popular Mechanics, the drag of the Typ-1e is 0.15 and the drag of the Toyota Prius is 0.26. (According to RechargeIT’s Driving Experiment, the Toyota Prius gets 48.4 mpg.) The Aptera Typ-1e has a projected range of 120 miles on pure electricity and the Typ-1h a projected fuel economy of 300 mpg for the first 120 miles of driving.

Aptera is going to start production on its first vehicle, Typ-1e, by the end of 2008, with a retail price around $30,000. With gas price volatility, this could pay back relatively quickly. The Typ-1e and Typ-1h are three-wheel, two seat vehicles and Aptera is also planning to produce a four-passenger vehicle in the near future. Our RechargeIT team was impressed by Aptera’s technology and drive to innovate on vehicle design, materials, and manufacturing and invested $2m in their last financing round. We congratulate Aptera Motors on this award and the further recognition of Aptera’s innovation!