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Website Simplifications

Friday, August 8, 2008 at 1:21 PM

Posted by Janelle Kuhlman, RechargeIT Team

We have made some improvements to our website - check it out! Although the structure of the site remains the same, there are a few changes worth highlighting. First, you'll notice that we cleaned up our home page by removing most of the modules and adding a 'Data and Analysis' link where you can find our Vehicle Calculator. We will eventually add more data about our fleet and from our driving experiment. The Plug-in Vehicle Locator map has also been relocated to the 'What we are doing' page. (You can still find our publicly-submitted YouTube videos on the map. There are some interesting videos there that you should check out when you have a minute. There is even one from a nine-year-old that is quite compelling.)
Lastly, we moved the 'Resources' and 'Collaborators' links from the home page to the 'Driving Experiment' page. We hope you like the changes; visit us soon for more news and updates.